Why have a dedicated merchant services professional

Why is it so important to have a dedicated merchant services professional for your merchant services account?

When the majority of your income is received via electronic payments, the partner you choose to process these transactions is an important decision. schmooze inc with Nationwide Payments (our processor) gives you the confidence of knowing you have chosen a long-term business partner you can trust.


Knowledge is Power

The merchant services industry is ALWAYS changing. With schmooze inc, you can rest assured that team will stay in touch and educate you on changes in the industry that impact your bottom line.

Merchant Support That Counts

Our dedicated team members will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have and in many cases, come out to your location if needed.  In addition, our processor Nationwide Payments, have Customer Service and Technical Support teams in place that are equipped with extensive industry knowledge and are committed to providing quality service. Square only has email support, PayPal is very hard to get a hold of by phone and although Amazon is known for excellent customer service, they are not a true Merchant Services Provider. Other providers will only have phone support as well. Working with a local sale professional will ensure that you are promptly taken care of and reduce lost sales.

Choices, Choices, Choices

When you use a provider like Square, Amazon and PayPal or even your bank’s “preferred provider” you are forced to use the equipment they provide. While this may work for some merchants, most businesses need to work with a provider that offers multiple options such as wireless, standard terminal solutions, and options that tie in with existing software systems. Our team can help you choose the best solution for your business.


Square, Amazon and PayPal offer flat rate billing structures. While this may seem appealing, most flat rate programs are priced well above actual cost on popular interchange categories. When a merchant is on a flat rate pricing structure, they don’t get to take advantage of lower priced card types. We offer cost plus billing as well as flat rate billing to meet your individual needs and ensure you are paying the lowest rates possible. schmooze inc will show you the best solution to save you money.

In short, choosing a local sales professional (schmooze inc) to handle your account not only will save you money long term, but provides you the piece of mind that you have a long term business partner that is always looking out for your best interest.