schmooze inc. – A Service Based Company

When we are asked to explain what schmooze inc. does, it is common for the individual inquiring to think primarily of the credit card machine that drives the transaction- translation a “credit card processing company”.

While this is definitely a part of what we provide, the irony is that is actually the least of what we do!!

Imagine the tip of an ice burg – that is only what you can readily see..  Remember though, beneath that is its’ widest point, which is the foundation of the entire entity.  That is where you find what schmooze inc. really does.

We are actually a service based company; Merchant Services with personal, local support that cannot be overlooked; cultivating relationships with each account we have. Ensuring that the service we provide runs smoothly, answering any questions and resolving every issue with timeliness and delight. All of this done while still providing extremely competitive rates. Ask yourself, “Wouldn’t I want a Merchant Services Provider, instead of just a “credit card processing company”?

Our Merchant Services also include: POS Integration (with just about every software/product out on the market), E-Commerce Integration, Mobile Processing, Gift Cards, and more options to accommodate your specific needs than you can shake a stick at!!


If you’re not already a customer of ours, ask yourself…”Do I have a credit card processing company or a Merchant Services company working for me?” and give us a call to find out what we can do for you.