Gift Cards

Gift Cards are often thought of just a piece of inventory that is purchased in lieu of a gift when unsure what to get. Businesses often overlook the many benefits that electronic gift cards have to offer. When implemented correctly, Gift and Loyalty Marketing Programs can increase profitability, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Are you interested in increasing your store’s brand recognition?

Gift and Loyalty Card Marketing Programs are designed to aid with increased brand recognition. Your business name and logo will be printed on the card, and the card itself will serve as a “walking advertisement.”

Are you looking for a way to bring new customers to your store?

Gift Cards are a less expensive, more effective alternative to traditional advertising. Using gift cards with pre-set values to send out as “coupons” to local businesses, schools, and offices is a great way to attract new customers.

Do you offer cash back for returns with no receipt?

Issuing store credits on a gift card ensures that all of the funds remain with your business. Chances are good that the customer will return to the store at a later date and spend even more than the original value on the card.

Do you have multiple locations?

Gift and Loyalty cards can be used in any of the locations, and headquarter reporting in available for record keeping in the central office.

Do you currently issue paper gift certificates?

Manual tracking of the gift certificates is a bookkeeping nightmare! Electronic gift cards substantially decrease the amount of time it takes to record the certificate information and perform the transaction. Research shows gift certificate sales increase at least 10 to 15 percent when companies switch from a paper-based program to an electronic one.

Do you offer cash back to the customer when the full value of paper gift certificate is not used?

Electronic gift card programs allow customer to keep the remaining balance on the card, which keeps the money in your store.

Important Facts:

Gift Cards Make Money

  • Businesses offering gift cards see a 30% increase to their bottom line
  • 60% of the recipients spend an additional 58% more than the value of the card
  • Most recipients make an average of three trips back to the store, to use up the value

Gift Cards Are Convenient

  • They take up little space and are an excellent impulse buy
  • Convenient for last minute shoppers or for someone who has everything

Gift Cards Build Loyalty

  • They guarantee return visits if the value is not redeemed all at once
  • Creates a pocket sized billboard for your business