Strategic Partnerships

Are You Offering a Merchant Services Program to Your Members or Customers?

Schmooze Inc. with Nationwide Payments offers several Strategic Partner Programs that allows organizations to offer electronic payment processing services to their members and/or customers.

Organizations that qualify are Banks, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and other organizations that may have a loyal customer base.

We have created a Merchant Services Program for our Strategic Partners that can be easily offered as part of your own services without risk or liability, at no cost.

Strategic Partner Benefits

  • Marketing Solutions that are Complementary to Your Business Model
  • Share a Percentage of the On-Going Revenue Stream or Pass Added Discount to Members/Customers
  • Collect Associate Dues via ACH from Each Member’s Merchant Account (eliminate account receivables)
  • Full Suite of Value Added Products

Click on the link below to gain more information on how a partnership would work for your company or association. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We’re here to help!